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13% more paper, for only 8% more price


 (all sizes not yet available – we’re changing them a few at a time)

We’ve developed a new thermal paper that is the same high-quality grade as always, but microscopically thinner (you can’t tell by touching it).  This means that we can increase the length of paper on the roll, yet still keep the diameter virtually the same size, so it still fits your machine.  The weight of the roll does not increase either.

So how does this benefit you?

  • By putting more paper in the box, we save money on cores, boxes, and labor – SAVINGS which we pass onto you!
  • 13% fewer roll changes.
  • You don’t have to order as often.
  • This paper has been approved by every printer manufacturer in the world.
  • All product goes through a quality control process to guarantee footage.

* based on unit price of roll per footage.